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Buddha with Money Riding a Tiger

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Wealth God on Tiger


Tsai Shen Yeh is a Chinese God of Wealth - sometimes known as Lu Hsing, the Star God of Wealth. He carries a gold ingot and sword. The legend is that, after studying in a forest, he was seen riding a tiger in all directions and using the sword to ward off evil influences. Benefits This depiction is very powerful. The main benefit is attraction of wealth, but the presence of the sword and the tiger symbolize protection. Positioning and Use Place directly facing the entrance door to your home to symbolize and attract the entrance of wealth. Also protects against the entry of bad influences.


Tiger: meaning in Feng Shiu

Tiger is a symbol of leadership, strength, protection, courage and personal growth. In China, tiger represents power, fearlessness and daring. This fearless creature is also associated the God of Wealth (Tsai Shen Yeh); thus tiger brings luck, fortune and prosperity for home and businesses.

In feng shiu, tiger is considered as a guardian for homes, warding off disasters and the bad. Tiger is believed to dissipate negative chi. It is important to place tiger facing the main door to the right of the house.

To enhance wealth and prosperity, Buddha with coins/money bags riding on tiger can be placed at the SOUTHEAST of the home.


Exquisitely detailed Buddha riding a Tiger carrying the traditional bags of Money. Very detailed and unique, only a few of these available. Measures about 4 inches long.



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