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Do you have the need to bring Feng Shui into your home or business but have trouble finding practicioners with the skill AND the products you need all in one place? You have found that place in Jade Market Hong Kong. With our two locations in the USA and Hong Kong, plus teams on the ground in both Hong Kong and USA, you will have the benefit of worldwide coverage and a team of experienced practicioners assessing your situation and needs. Plus, we can supply the products you need. Consultations are FREE, just purchase a minimum of $500 in products.

Does it really work? Read this testimonial from a recent customer:

Victor, thank you for your caring service. Since you and your team came to my home and analyzed my fortune and the Feng Shui issues affecting me, I am prospering and have been reunited with my high school sweetheart from 33 years ago. He is my soulmate. We plan to marry soon. He is like my exact other half. 

Life is fantastic and wonderful. I feel like time has restarted itself.
Relatives are coming around more often and staying longer.
My personal sales at my job has increased 30 %
I now have a peaceful aura, my heart is lit up, and my face is glowing.
All the missing parts of my life are coming together and life is finally falling into place.

Thank you again, sincerely, Jennifer




Victor Bates

03/06/2016 at 06:06:46 PM

1. Our Feng Shui Team in Hong Kong will start assessing your Feng Shui needs starting with a personal reading using your birth date and time. Our team will identify your good stars and bad stars with emphasis on special needs or problems you are having.

2. We will review diagrams and photos of the property to determine the negative and positive effects of the property's location, compass facing and layout. We'll provide you with a questionnaire so we can refine our recommendations. We are always here to help.

3. We will provide you with the results of the reading and help you to understand the results of the reading, and give you options for colors, materials and products that would put you on the right path to Feng Shui Compliance. Just contact us and we will do the rest. Minimum order of products required for this FREE service is $500 (Retail price).

Please submit your contact info here on this comment form and we will contact you with further details.



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