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Urns - a Pathway to Remembrance or as Decorative Artwork

Commemorating a Life: Commemorating the life of a loved one is an extremely emotional and personal experience. When making cremation arrangements, families have unlimited options for services and memorialization pieces like cremation urns and flag cases. The most important goal is to create a farewell event that is meaningful and satisfying to you and to others who will participate in your loved one's remembrance. Therefore it is exceedingly important that you establish the means of permanent memorialization that best suit your needs and your loved one's wishes.

Mongolian Red Agate Urn/Vase - One Only!


Small Stone Urn - Vase


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Urns can be used in various forms like urns for cremation, urns for ashes, urns for pets, planters or vases, urns for decoration. Raredragons provide the best quality urns at comparable price. We are proud to offer a huge variety of urns and vases. The variety includes from traditional bronze urn to urns made of ceramics and marbles. The buyers may sometimes find it difficult to choose from such a vast display of urns on our website. It is always a good idea to give a thought of what will you do with the urn. If the purpose were clear then it would definitely be easy for you to make a choice.

Urns for cremation - Memorializing the life of a loved one is really an emotional feeling. In remembrance of your loved one it is important for you to create a farewell event that is satisfying for you and for people around you. No matter whatever you do you cannot get the person back but it is a matter of satisfaction. The goal of the event organized by you is to make the eternal soul of the departed person happy. Therefore it is very important to establish a means to honor the loved one by getting a good quality urn that can be used in cremation. May your loved one rest in peace.

Urns for pets - Using good quality urn is an elegant way to protect the remains of your pets. Pets who have served you for whole of their life surely deserve some respect from your side. You can show your way of expressing love to them by assuring the protection of their dead bodies. We understand the your loss and that is why the dignity of your pets should be preserved in death. Our goal is to strengthen the bond of love that you shared with your companion. Saying an adieu with a proper memorial urn would definitely help you through the grieving process.

Urns for ashes - Urns for ashes provide an opportunity to honor and remember the deceased. You can choose from a wide variety of urns available on our site and can simply order the urn which suits the requirement or which reflects some unique character of the deceased in life. We understand the uniqueness of each individual and therefore we try our best to help you preserve the ashes of your loved one.

Planters and vases - We have a huge collection of planters and vases that can be used in the garden. Urns can be easily categorized as urns for indoor use or outdoor use. Planters and vases are definitely an elegant way to show off your prettiest flowers. Vases can also be used as an addition to your table. These come in various forms like glass, bronze, wood, clay and copper. Some of the urns are even hand painted and can also be used as decoration pieces.




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