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Wood Chinese Dominos (Mahjong)

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Very special hand painted wood box covered in leather containing a complete Mahjong set. All brass details in the hinges and latch. A great compliment to any home or office. Limited Quantities! Shipping weight and measurements are:

2lbs. 2” 8” 6”


It's not totally clear when or where the game of dominoes was invented.  Many historians believe the game was invented by the Chinese sometime around 1100 AD and it eventually arrived in Europe some time during the 18th century.  A game similar to dominoes was also found in Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt, which dates all the way back to 1355 BC.  Wherever dominoes may have been invented, it remains a popular game around the world.  Each set of dominoes has 28 dominoes or tiles.  Each rectangular tile has a line dividing its face into two square ends, which are each marked with a number of black spots or a blank space.  The word "domino" is French for a black and white hood worn by priests, which is probably where the name of the game comes from.

Chinese dominoes are used in several tile-based games, namely, Tien Gow, Pai Gow, Tiu U and Kap Tai Shap.  In Cantonese they are called "Gwat Pai" (骨牌), which literally means "bone tiles"; it is also the name of a northern Chinese game, where the rules are quite different from the southern Chinese game Tien Gow.  References to Chinese domino tiles can be traced to writings from the Song Dynasty (AD 1120).

Dominoes - Strategy and Rules

There are many different versions of dominoes but here are the rules for the most basic game.

The dominoes are laid face down and mixed up.

Each player then draws seven dominoes and sets them so that opponents cannot see the dots or spots.

Each player plays one domino in turn by matching one of their dominoes with the open end of a domino already played.

If one player cannot play or is blocked, the opponent goes on until a domino is placed that the blocked player can match.

The game ends when one player has played all their dominoes or when both players are blocked.

The winner is the one who goes out first or who has the fewest spots on the player's remaining pieces.



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