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Wood Chinese Coffin - 2 sizes available

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Miniature Wood Chinese Coffin, authentic in every detail. Intricately carved lid with Dragon theme. These are as handsome as they are unusual. The small size measures about 6" Long X 3" Tall, the large size measures about 11" Long X 5" Tall.


 Victor Segalen found the first sarcophagus (stone coffins) during an expedition to Suachuan from 1914 to 1917.  Since then many coffins have been recovered from excavations, demonstrating the great popularity of coffin burial in Suachuan during the Han dynasty.  Many of these coffins are made of wood or clay, while others are carved out of a single block of red sandstone, with flat, arched, or roof-shaped lids.  The most elaborate ones are engraved with ornaments and narrative scenes.  More than twenty-five of these complete pictorial coffins have been discovered, along with many fragments.

Engraved on coffins carvings in low relief vividly depict the ancient myths and legends popular in Suachuan during Han dynasty.  Scholars have studied the sources of these stories and their conclusions have provided invaluable evidence for the history of Chinese literature, religion, and mythology.



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