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The Laughing Buddha


Laughing Buddha – The Face of Feng Shui

Laughing Buddha, if cannot stated to be the most prominent figure, then can certainly be stated as the most popular figure of all the Feng Shui symbols. Though, there are quite a few benefits of having it, but the acceptance and appeal that it derives merely out of its compelling figure is enormously ample.



The figure depicts a monk with a big-size stomach, with an equally big and plump smile on his face. This is what a basic Laughing Buddha depicts. There are different versions available across lands, which might vary on some or the other aspects. Some figures show small children standing close to the feet of the monk. Some shows a monk with a begging bowl in his hand, which is very intrinsic in Buddhist culture. Some shows him sitting over a cart as drawn out by children. Then, there are some figures which show the monk exerting out Oogi (a wish giving fan). Amongst the different forms available, the one showing monk standing with a pot of gold and gold bricks on a sack filled with coins and treasures is considered to be the most auspicious. Thus, it is also the most popular of all.


The Story of Laughing Buddha

Though the figure is most prominently known as Laughing Buddha, it has several other names with the most prominent are those of Hotei, Pu-Tai, Happy Buddha, and Maitreya. People, who hold profound belief in Feng Shui symbols, believe it to be a source of immense good luck, wealth, prosperity, and positivity. They are believed as the Gods of wealth, and the loving and friendly ones. Their emergence takes one back to a story belonging to the time of around 1000 years back. At that time, a Chinese Ch’an (Zen) monk gained immense popularity amongst masses and amongst Buddhist and Shinto culture because of his over-generous and over-pleasant nature. Many started believing him to be an incarnation form of the Bodhisattva, who would evolve into Maitreya or the Future Buddha. The term and figure of ‘Laughing Buddha’ emerged out of the personality of that monk, who always used to carry a jovial smile and pleasant nature along with a big stomach.


Beliefs and Benefits

The big belly of the Laughing Buddha is believed to be the symbol of abundance of wealth, prosperity, happiness, and good luck. The place where one places it gets filled with positivity. Also, all the above stated aspects arrive and settle in that place. All those living in that place attains success in abundance. All sorts of problems and causes of despair ward off, and get replaced by positivity, happiness, and cheer. It is considered to be an extremely auspicious gift which one can present to anyone at an auspicious occasion.


Establishing It

Laughing Buddha can be placed in home, office, shop, business place, or vehicle. It can also be placed in a temple. No matter where you choose to establish it, keep few essential things in mind. Make sure to have it at a height of at least thirty inches above from the ground. The face of the monk should be directly towards the main door of that place. One best way with which you can ensure that to happen is by placing it over a stool or any table, which is standing diagonally opposite to the front door of that place. It is considered to be the best possible placement of Laughing Buddha. Make sure to never place it either in bedroom, bathroom, or dining area.

The way it is paced also depends on your requirements. If you wish your child to do well in his studies, then get it placed on his study table. If you wish your business to grow and attain huge profits, then get it placed over the office desk or reception desk.

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