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Smaller Size 8 Sided Wood and Leather Bound Box

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Smaller size of our 8 Sided Jewelry Box made from exotic Chinese woods, then covered in hand tooled stitched leather, and finished off with all brass hardware. The inside of the box is lined with paper covered with chinese old characters. It measures about 7.25" L X 7.25" W X 3.73" T


Playing Cards undoubtedly originated in China.  Stuart Culin, the American games historian, did the most original research in this area and he concluded that they appeared before 1200AD in that country and were introduced to Europe in the 13th century.

In China, Octagon Wooden cases were used for storing the playing cards.

The original Chinese cards appear to have been related to the Chinese paper money of the time.  In fact it seems likely that people created the cards by copying paper money and then both played with and for these cards!  A pack of Chinese cards were not at all like European cards of today.  In appearance, although made of flexible card



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