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Small Wood & Leather Pillow Box

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Beautifully detailed wood pillow box covered in hand stitched leather. Good designs of a Dragon and Phoenix Bird grace the top of the lid. Inside the box the lining is old print of Chinese symbols and characters. The box measures about 10" L X 3.5 " W X 4" H and has a unique brass latch and closure.

rnHistorical significance: During the Qing dynasty these boxes served two purposes: Housewives would hide their belongings or important family documents in the boxes to protect them from theft since typical Chinese houses were not locked. These boxes were also used by Chinese sailors to hide their valuables and use the boxes as their pillow when traveling. The affluent class would use leather boxes with delicate gold paintings.

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As two of the most sacred creatures in Chinese culture and feng shui, the phoenix and the dragon are enchanting creatures with strong auspicious chi.  When paired together, the phoenix and the dragon are double the auspicious chi, and represent a perfect yin and yang symbol.  The phoenix and dragon pair represents a perfect relationship, eternal love, and infinite respect.  Placing this phoenix-dragon figurine will grant successful relationships, success, prosperity, and happiness to its beholders.

One of the most magnificent and enchanting of all creatures, the dragon is one of the four celestial animals of feng shui.  The dragon is one of the most powerful symbols in feng shui and Chinese culture, and represents success, good health, vitality, and protection.  These enchanting creatures are full of strength, and is one of the most sacred creatures in Chinese culture and folklore, representing power, abundance, good luck, and honor.  The emperors of ancient China regarded themselves as descendants of dragons, and dragons are widely seen on ancient robes, art, and literature.  Displaying a dragon will boost cosmic chi – otherwise known as “sheng” chi – and is a business luck enhancer, guardian spirit, and commander of wisdom.

The phoenix is the queen of all winged creatures, and strongly symbolizes feminine power, hope, and good fortune.  While the dragon is the most powerful symbol of yang, the phoenix is the most powerful representation of yin.  The phoenix represents new hope, change, resurrection, infinity, rebirth, luck, and new opportunities. The beautiful creature is often depicted rising out of ash; therefore, the phoenix is a symbol of the power of hope, good fortune, and opportunity luck.  When placed with the dragon, the phoenix perfectly complements the yang of the dragon, and is also the perfect symbol of maternal comfort.

This beautiful phoenix and dragon pair is embellished with exquisite detailing, vibrant colors, and a powerful demeanor.  

How to place dragon phoenix statues?

Display in your "Yan Nian" position for love.

You can display it near your bed, such as night stand.





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