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Payment Options:
We accept the following credit cards: American Express, VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. We also accept Certified or Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, and ATM cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo. We do not accept CODs orders.

Sales Tax:
In accordance with applicable state law, a sales tax is added to all orders shipped to addresses within the same state from which the order is shipped. Sales tax is not collected on shipments to recipients outside of the State of Origin.

Domestic Shipping Options and Ship Times:
To find out when your order will arrive, you need to consider the availability of the item(s) you ordered and the shipping option you selected. We use the following calculation:

Available-to-Ship Time + Delivery Method Ship Time = Total Delivery Time

Example: An item that is usually ship in 1 to 2 days and is sent via Standard Ground Delivery (3 to 6 days) will arrive in 5 to 9 business days.

Express Delivery Options:
We offer 1 Day and 2 Days Express Delivery options. Express Delivery charges are based on the order's total weight and its  destination.

Please note that by choosing the Express Delivery option, it will not reduce the time for your order to leave our warehouse, it will only reduce the time in transit. We use the following calculation:

Available-to-Ship Time + Delivery Method Ship Time = Total Delivery Time

Foreign Orders:
At this time, we ship to the all countries. For all international orders, we will e-mail you estimated shipping charges before shipment. Customs and import duties are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local customs office for details on how these charges are assessed and applied. Insurance, if desired, must be requested BEFORE shipment leaves and an additional charge will be added to your shipping costs. While we have never lost a shipment in transit we cannot guarantee delivery after it leaves our store unless you request and purchase delivery and damage insurance.


I. Shipping Policy - F.O.B. Point. Shipping terms are F.O.B. our warehouse. Freight may be prepaid by us  and billed to the Purchaser. We reserve the right to select the method of transportation and the routing of shipment. A Purchaser requiring shipment by a method or routing other than that selected by us will be billed the increase in transportation charges.

II. Delivery. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, delivery of the product will be made F.O.B. our warehouse, and we reserve the right to make delivery in installments unless otherwise specified at the time of order.

III. Shipping errors. The Purchaser agrees to check shipments received from us to ensure their accuracy. If goods have been shipped in error by us or ordered incorrectly by the Purchaser, then the Purchaser shall inform us of this error within ten (10) calendar days. Such notification will invoke the procedures as outlined in CONDITIONS OF SALE, Item II - Returns, as outlined in these Terms and Conditions on our Store Policies Page.

IV. Loss or Damage on Shipments F.O.B. Warehouse (Standard Conditions). We shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage sustained in transit. Claims of such character should be made promptly by the Purchaser against the carrier. If we are notified in writing of such claims, it will lend assistance to secure adjustment. Valuation of shipment will be at carrier's standard rates unless otherwise specified by the Purchaser at additional cost.

V. Loss or Damage on Shipments F.O.B. Destination (Exception to Standard Conditions). If delivery is made otherwise than F.O.B. our warehouse, the Purchaser shall examine the product as soon as it is received and shall give immediate notice to us and the carrier of any loss or damage sustained during transit, and further in the case of any damage, the Purchaser shall request an inspection of the loss or damage by a representative of the carrier and a copy of the carrier's Inspection Report shall be sent to us. If such notice to us or to the carrier is not given, the product shall be deemed to have been delivered in satisfactory condition and the price shall become due and payable in full as agreed between us and the Purchaser.

Checks are held until cleared.


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