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Santa Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ceramic Santa Ornaments
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Happy Christmas Santa Ornaments measuring about 2 inches tall X 1.75 inches wide X 1.75 inches thick with a shipping weight of 8 ozs. Price if for each Ornament


Cloisonné Santas


It’s not uncommon to see a Santa Claus at malls and hotels across Asia.   Children can often have their picture taken with Santa and some department stores coordinate a home visit from a gift-bearing Santa.  While Chinese children do not leave out cookies and milk for Santa or write a note requesting gifts, many children enjoy a visit with Santa.

In China and Taiwan, Santa is called 聖誕老人 (shèngdànlǎorén) and, instead of elves, he is often accompanied in Taiwan with his sisters, young women dressed in elf or red and white skirts.  In Hong Kong, Santa is called Lan Khoong or Dun Che Lao Ren.



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