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Red Walking Buddha w/Bag & WuLu Guord

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Red Resin Buddha walking and carrying a money bag and wooden gourd.


The Laughing Buddha, otherwise known as Pu-Tai (Chinese), embodies the ideals of the Good Life: i.e. Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Wealth, and Longevity.


It is believed that the Laughing Buddha is modelled on an historical figure, a fat wandering Zen monk named Pu-Tai, who possibly claimed to be an incarnation of the future Buddha Maitreya (Chinese Mi-lo-fo; Japanese Miroku)


He is carrying a Money Bag in his back, symbolizing abundance wealth and prosperity. The Gourd, "Wu Lou", in his hand symbolize healing, health, and longevity.


  • Display him in your in the east corner of your living / family room to harmonize the family and to remove problems and quarrellings.
  • Display him in the southeast sector of your dining room, bedroom, reception area, or living room to enhance your wealth luck or sudden windfall.
  • Place him on your office table to take away all stresses and bad politics / backstabbing. He will speed your way towards achieving your happy goals.
  • Place him on the dashboard of your car to bring home many tidings of good news.
  • Do not place him in kitchen or toilet.



Available in various sizes  starting at 3.5 inches Tall.



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