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The sphere is turned on a lathe then conical holes are drilled towards the center. The maker has a set of "L" shaped tools the one with the longest upright has the shortest cutter and the one with the shortest upright has the longest cutter. Starting with the longest tool he lowers it to the narrow bottom of each hole in turn and rotates it to cut the innermost ball free. Then he gets the second tool which does not reach so far down the hole but can cut a wider arc and separates the second ball. He continues working from the innermost to outermost shell. For obvious reasons, usually only the outermost balls are elaborately carved.


"Hong Kong Ivory" - What is it? Where does it come from? Is it Real Ivory?

  • Sometimes called "Synthetic Ivory" or "Mandarin Ivory" it does not come from elephants, and therefore is perfectly legal to own and sell. It also does not harm any animals or endangered species.

  • Ox bone is the most used substance, ground into a fine powder and mixed in with synthetic resins specially formulated to give the look, feel and weight of real ivory.
  • The basic shapes of the finished products are then cast, hand carved to the final design, and then hand painted so each piece is a hand carved unique product.
  • Not only does this process protect all endangered animals from harm, but results in a beautiful work of art at very affordable prices.


Puzzle Ball sizes - Approximate

8 Layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 5.5 Cm or 2.15 inches

10 layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 7Cm or 2.75 inches

12 Layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 8Cm or 3.15 inches

14 Layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 9Cm or 3.50 inches

16 Layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 10Cm or 3.90 inches

18 Layer HKIvory Puzzle ball approx. 11Cm or 4.25 inches

4 Layer Lt. green jade puzzle ball approx. 5.7Cm or 2.25 inches

5 Layer Lt. green jade puzzle ball approx. 9Cm or 3.5 inches

5 Layer dark Green puzzle Ball approx. 10 Cm or 3.9 inches




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