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Old Bronze Zun Bird Incense Burner - Limited Quantities!

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The Zun with Bird and Beast Designs. The original design was a wine container and is now housed in the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Unearthed from human Ba graves beside the Xiaotian river in Fuling. The Zun has a bird's body and the head of the Beast. The Body looks powerful and the face is true to life, adding rich and happy wishes to the mind, giving people hope, peace and a healthy life. The Zun Bird is now used as an incense burner with the neck and head as the Chimney, the back removes to fill with incense and there is a hole in the bottom to allow air in for the incense to burn. The Zun Bird measures about 6" Long X 6.5" Tall, comes complete with a wood stand andrna gift box. Limited Quantities!


Bronze ritual vessels and products

The Bronze Age in China began around 2000 BC with its peak during the era of the Shang (ca. 1600–1050 BC) and the Zhou (1046-221 BC) dynasties. Bronze was used to make weapons, parts of chariots, and ritual vessels. Zun (尊 or 樽 or 鐏: wine vessel and sacrificial vessel) was a popular object for bronze casters in late Shang. The designs of these bronzes are fascinating. The whole shape of the vessel took both the real and mythical animal forms. In addition the vessels were decorated with distinctive images called taotie. The major attributes of taotie are animal-like masks, that varied by period and place of production.

Tiger and owl are the most common real animal forms to be used in making bronze vessels. Tiger symbolizes the power of nature. Owl, the totem of Shang, is believed as the productive god, agriculture protector and solar god of the Shang people. Another bird is the phoenix, that is considered as a divine bird, representing the source of life and Empresses of the later dynasties.

Jademarkethongkong has reproductions of these tiger, owl and phoenix bronze products. These three animals also have their meanings in Feng Shui:

Tiger: means power, fearlessness and daring and is associated the God of Wealth-- brings luck, fortune and prosperity for home and businesses

Owl: increases the YANG (the positive chi), enhances health and wealth; and provides protection against evils

Phoenix: has virtues of loyalty, honesty, wisdom, justice and sincerity--brings good luck, success and prosperity

Thus these antique looking bronze reproductions are good decoration items that also have functions of Feng Shui cures for homes and businesses.



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