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Old Bronze Tribal Owl Wine Decanter - Limited Quantities!

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The original Owl Shaped Wine Decanter was from the late Shang Dynasty (circa 1100 BC) when tribes ruled China, and was unearthed in 1976 from the Fuhao Tomb in Anyang, Henan Province. It is now housed in the China History Museum.  As a wine container, it is about 8" Tall X 5" Wide, and comes with a wood display stand and gift box.


Owl: meaning in Feng Shui

Owl, in many cultures, represents intelligence, independence, knowledge intuition, bravery, longevity, power, wisdom, and protection. In feng shui, owl increases the YANG (the positive chi), enhances health and wealth; and provides protection against evils. It also increases mental capacities and educational success.

Owl can be placed close to the front door or back door (facing out) for protection from evils or at the SOUTHWEST of the home for enhancement of educational success. It is also a good home decoration to promote the flow of positive chi.


Shaped like a standing Owl on its two feet and tail, it is true to life. The bird looks masculine and powerful, suggesting unruliness. The back of the Owl's head is decorated with a bird and small dragon, adding a slight joy to the mind. Limited Quantities!



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