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Mongolian Red Agate Urn/Vase - One Only!

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Beautifully and as lasting as time, this Mongolian Red Agate fine Urn or Vasernmakes for a valuable and timeless addition to your collection, or as a final resting place for a loved one. All hand carved from the finest Mongolian Red Agate and hand carved by Buddhist Chinese craftsmen.


10 inches tall X 6 inches wide X 4 inches deep


Fire Agate works strongly through the sacral or navel chakra to revitalize this area of the body physically. 

By charging the lower chakras with energy, this is a powerful stone to aid procreation.

Some users have reported that it is known to increase passion, and to increase the level of desire and emotional happiness in personal relationships. 

It aids many types of sexual problems including impotence, and as it assists the circulation, this may benefit you in this area.

Not only does it stimulate procreative energy, but it also aiding Divine inspiration to flow through the entire body and inspires and enhances creativity. It is a strong stone for the all of the chakras that are below the heart. 

How Does It Work & How Will It Help You?

Fire Agate is unique in that it does two things at the same time.

The first thing it does: it sends negative energy back to where it came from, for the purpose of making the person who sent it 'spiritually aware' of the type of harm that they have been doing to you... the person they sent it to.

The second thing it does: this crystal helps to lighten the amount of fear that you might be feeling when an attack of any sort is happening to you, by forming a protective shield around you.This stone has a soothing energy that makes you feel calm, safe and secure. It may be beneficial to keep a piece of this stone on you, as this can help you to feel more relaxed and confident that this will not happen to you.

It is a strong stone for the all of the chakras that are below the heart.

The solar plexus area governs the will-power, and this stone is said to help to stimulate action in anyone who has been feeling lethargic and a little jaded about life.

It helps you in quite a few different ways. It awakens the base chakra as well as the sacral chakra, to assist sexuality and stamina. 

Within the solar plexus chakra it helps you to allow yourself to be divinely guided, and helps you to discover the right actions to take to manifest the things you desire, and this may include manifesting money.



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