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Getting ready for the Chinese New Year: For businesses

The Chinese New Year (Year of Monkey) begins on February 8, 2016. Businesses can have some decorations in their shops/stores that can enhance luck and wealth for the coming year.

Having flowers is important. Chinese believe that blossoms bring wealth (花開富貴). To have a nice vase filled with flowers on the cashier counter can promote this luck. A yellow vase with dragon is a good choice. Or a red (RED color means good luck) vase is an alternative.

Placing a plate of gold ingots or a God of Wealth close to the cashier also enhances wealth.

Having a Kwan Kung (God of Business) in the store can bring business success and luck in wealth. If there is a spacious entrance, a big Kwan Kung at the entrance area enhances positive chi of good luck in wealth and business and is also a Guardian against the negative chi.








Mythical Animals


  1. The Fish-tail Dragon - Yu Lung - represents a Carp changing into a dragon in ascending a waterfall. Symbol of passing the Examinations.
  2. Pan K'uei - is an ancient form of Coiled Dragon.
  3. K'uei Wen or Fin-footed Dragons or Hydra.
  4. Dragon Long is the symbol of the Emperor, the Son of Heaven, eternity, Yang and Yin, male vigor and fertility, and has many other attributes. Considered as one of the 12 Ornaments. One of the most complex and multi-tiered Chinese symbols. The dragon is a good natured and benign creature. In decorations often two dragons are playing in the clouds with a ball or large pearl symbolizing its power to bring the necessary rain.
  5. Phoenix - Feng-Huang - represents the Empress, beauty, goodness, warmth, prosperity, peace, the Sun, abundance harvests, reason in government. It is commonly used as a female symbol. Rules of the Southern Quadrant. Also called Vermilion Bird.
  6. Taotie - Ogre Mask - a sacrificial animal and a warning against avarice, gluttony, sensuality, self indulgence. Stylized Full-face zoomorphic mask with ears, horns and large fangs, but without a lower jaw. In some bronzes the similarity with a water buffalo head without a lower jaw is obvious, but in many others instances this is not the case. It appears on bronze vessels of the Shang dynasty and thereafter on objects in various media, especially those with archaistic decoration. These fantastic creatures may have served as intermediaries between the world of men and the realms of the spirits.
  7. Unicorn - Ch'i Lin - symbolizes benevolence, rectitude. A good omen. Symbol of Military Officials of the 1st Grade.
  8. The Three Legged Toad or Hsia Ma in the Moon which it swallows during an eclipse. Symbol of the unattainable and of money making.




  1. Cat - the Protector of silkworms and disperses evil spirits.
  2. Deer - Lu - longevity and also is the official emolument, honor, and success in study.
  3. Elephant - is the last of the 4 Animals of Power and Energy. It represents strength, sagacity, and prudence.
  4. Horse - Ma - Eight horses togetrer in a decoration represents the famous horses from the story of King Mu (The eight horses of Wang Mu) from the 10th century BC.
  5. Tortoise - guards the Northern Quadrant. Represents longevity, strength, endurance. A Messenger to the Human Race.
  6. Leopard - one of the four Animals of Power and Energy. It represents bravery, martial ferocity. Emblem of Military official 3rd Grade.
  7. Lion - Shi-Zi - Same as the "Fo Dog" - play a big part in Chinese folklore and are usually depicted looking more mythical than real. Pairs of stone lions rival even dragons in popularity as guardians in buildings and temples. It is one of the four Animals of Power and Energy. Symbol of valor, Emblem of Military Officials 2nd Grade.
  8. Tiger - Hu - King of the wild animals, the tiger is a symbol of courage and bravery and it can drive off demons.



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