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Mandarin Ducks (Yuan-yang, 鸳鸯)

Valentine's Day is approaching. If you want to enhance love, romance and long-lasting relationship, a pair of mandarin ducks or lovebirds is a good feng shui cure.

The mandarin ducks are beautiful birds that mate for life. If the partner is lost, the other half shows great sadness and dies of loneliness. This strong love and loyalty make the mandarin ducks the symbol of love, romance and happy marriage.

In feng shui, mandarin ducks means happiness in love and should be placed in pair that symbolized togetherness and long-lasting relationship. To place a pair of mandarin ducks in the SOUTHWEST of the living room or bedroom (NEVER in the bathroom) enhances love and relationship. For married couples, a pair of mandarin ducks promises happy marriages. For singles, the birds promotes chances of romance and finding love partners.


Jade Market Hong Kong's photo.




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