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Fung shui kit ---for fertility and family

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SKU: Fung-shui-kit-for fertility-family
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Fung shui kit ---for fertility and family - Shipping weight 5 lbs.


Children figurine--- Chinese believe the number 'eight' is a lucky number. Having 8 children figurine
promotes fertility
Enhance fertility with Elephant symbolism
An elephant — with its trunk down, please! — is a strong symbol for fertility in Feng Shui.
Place a Kwan Yin statue in your Children sector or master bedroom.
The goddess Kwan Yin promotes fertility in Feng Shui; she is traditionally garbed in White and emits a
motherly energy that’s both soothing and encouraging.
Her color is White, symbolizing the Metal element that’s associated with Children in Feng Shui.
She is sometimes posed with a small child or baby, further enhancing fertility energy in your


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