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Feng shui kit enhances wealth, health and relationship for home

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Feng shui kit: enhances wealth, health and relationship for home. Shipping weight is 5 lbs.

Chi Lin (Kei Loon)--bronze 3 inches 

Love bird—1 pair

Jade pagoda—1

Green Advertine 3-legged frog—1

Brass Wu Lu—1

Jade elephants—1 

Fusion vase—1                                                     

Chi Lin--- brings wealth/career luck, also reduce negative chi

Love bird--- enhances romance and relationship

Pagoda-- a cure for intellectual enhancement; enhances academic success and promotion opportunities

3-legged frog--- enhances prosperity, wealth and monetary gain

Wu Lu--- improves health

Elephant---enhances wealth and money

Fusion vase---a vase with flowers enhances interpersonal relationship. A fusion vase, blending with the lotus design,  is a symbol of happiness, love and hope


FREE Feng Shui Reading included Too!



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