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Feng shui kit cures for the Year of Monkey 2016

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Feng shui kit: cures for the Year of Monkey (2016)

Gold ingot--- SOUTHEAST (Flying star #1)--to enhance wealth
Brass wu lu---CENTER (Flying star #2)---to reduce negative chi of  sickness
Kwan Yin—NORTHWEST (Flying star #3)--to reduce negative chi of  the conflict star
Jade pagoda---WEST (Flying star #4)--to enhance intelligence, academic success and promotion opportunities
Kwan Kung statue---NORTHEAST (Flying star #5)---to reduce negative chi of  misfortune (obstacles, conflicts)
Dragon---SOUTH (Flying star #6)--to enhance success and wealth
Temple lions—NORTH (Flying star #7)--to reduce negative chi of  disputes, and provide protection
Jade 3-legged frog—SOUTHWEST (Flying star #8)-- to enhance  prosperity and wealth
Chi Lin—EAST (Flying star #9)---to enhance  prosperity and career success


Every Kit purchased includes a FREE Feng Shui reading custom tailored to your needs using your birthdate and time, plus info about issues or challemges you want to cure.


Kit Includes: Shipping weight 10 lbs.
Gold ingot - 1
Brass wu lu-1
Kwan Yin — 1
Jade pagoda-1
Kwan Kung statue-1
Temple lions— 1 pair
Jade 3-legged frog — 1
Red Jade Chi Lin — 1



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