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Metal Dragon The Dragon is deemed the luckiest and most sacred figure in Chinese folklore. It reputedly has absolute power and symbolizes honor, power and all that is right. A good place this year 2003 is north, south-east, north-west or south. Dragons enhance fame and career prospects and should be placed near a door or window in order to guard your wealth and health. They are a very powerful protection cure for your home or office.

Chinese Coins Symbolize the unity of heaven and earth, which are auspicious for career luck.

Globe The globe is one of the most powerful energizers for success in fields related to education, literature, publishing, media and communications. If you work in one of these fields, displaying a crystal globe on your desktop where you work will bring you not just success, it will bring you wealth and recognition as well.

Fish Figurine Displaying a fish figurine to your North is very good career luck.

Three-Legged Money Toad Named Chachu For those of us involved in jobs where there is the opportunity to earn commission or side income, display a three-legged toad for wealth luck next to your desk or diagonally opposite the front door to your home. Carry three I-Ching coins tied together with red/ gold thread in your purse/wallet. If you are in sales through the telemarketing, paste three I-Ching coins tied together with red/gold thread on your phone.

The Dragon Tortoise is a mythical creature that gives you the support of the tortoise combined with the courage of the Dragon. Place a figurine of the Dragon Tortoise on your desk or behind you to gain the support of your boss, counter office politics and get you the promotion you deserve.



Family Cure

Kwan Yin (Quan Yin) large heavy brass. A recent addition that is now in my home, this is the finest example I have seen. Place this in the south-east or in the north. Also known as Quan Yin Goddess of mercy and compassion. It is said that anyone who calls on her will be rescued from harm and bad health. When placed in a room she cleanses the home of negative influences, including arguments, martial problems and illness. Kwan Yin is also the protector of all children and women and brings compassion and love into your home. A must for anyone looking to strengthen or enhance a relationship with your partner or children, she also is said to enhance fertility.
Elephant Figurine Been trying for a few years and still haven't had a child? Try placing an elephant figurine in your bedroom and stroking its trunk every night before you sleep. If you're particular about the sex of your unborn, you might want to place a stone on the back of the elephant for a male child.
Laughing Buddha With Children When the Laughing Buddha is seen playing with many children, (usually five in number) this symbolizes good fortune arriving from the heavens. Maitraya Buddha has long been associated with virtue of innocent joy, kindness and great gentleness. He is also associated with bringing good luck and an abundance of good Chi' when invited into ones home.
Laughing Buddha Place a figurine of a laughing Buddha in your living room. The Buddha is the most revered deity in the East. Choose an image of him laughing to attract happiness to your home.
Yin Yang Fish This symbol depicts the harmonious blending of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies, and represents balance.

Health Cure

If you find that you are feeling stressed out which could lead to you suffering with migraines it would be good idea to position a Laughing BUDDHA on your desk so when you look at him it will seem as though he is taking your worries away leaving your mind clear to think. To make you feel happy why not sit your HAPPY BUDDHA facing you and look at him and capture his smile every day to make you feel happy again and to help you forget all that is troubling you. He collects your troubles in his sack and carries the bottle gourd filled with Holy Nectar for a long life. 
Salt Water cures kit If you find that you are getting sore throats or constant sickness you will need to place a little known cure called a "salt water cure" in the north and south-east. All the coins we sell are coins that come from a good Dynasty and have been cleared of negative energy and empowered with positive energy, this is important to make the cure more effective, You will need twelve Chinese coins , and you will need is a glass jar (jam jar is fine), some salt and normal water. Fill up a glass jar; a jam jar will do salt about three quarters to the top. Place twelve coins on the top of the salt. Make sure the coins are Yang side up; this is the side with the four Chinese characters. Fill to the top with tap water. It would be a good idea to place a mat under the jar to protect furniture or flooring. Place in the north or southeast of your home . You should replace salt water yearly. 
Six Ways to Cleanse and Prepare Healing Gems 
Before you begin wearing any of your gems, you should cleanse them thoroughly. Cleansing is a very important process of preparing your gems - be they precious or semi-precious - before using them for healing purposes. And I don't mean just washing them with soap and water. You do not know where your gems had been before they got to your hands so it is very important to cleanse them of any negative energy that might have become attached to them.

The following are six methods you can employ to cleanse your gems. Any one of these methods works as well as the others. You can choose to use either one method you feel most comfortable with, or even a combination of two or more.

Method 1 Use Running Water.
Leave your gems under running water for six to seven hours. This method is one of the easiest and requires very little effort. Running water is, essentially, a very powerful method of cleansing. Method 2 Bury in Earth. Bury your gems in some earth overnight. Come morning, rinse them off thoroughly. This method will work well for those who have a nice patch of garden with lots of rich soil.

Method 3 Cleanse With Fire
Hold your gem in the flame of a candle. Keep it in the flame until the candle melts away. The powerful cleansing properties of fire will help to clear all negative energy. 

Method 4 
Revive With Quartz Place your gem amongst a heap of quartz for several days. This method revives the inherent energy of your gem through contact with the quartz. 

Method 5 
Energize With Sunlight For best results, you should make use of the most powerful source of Yang energy to cleanse your gem. After using any one of the previous four methods of cleansing, place your "cleansed" gem in direct sunlight to further purify and energize it... 

Method 6 Immerse in Milk
In addition to the other five methods of cleansing, all gems - with the exception of red coral and ruby -should be immersed in raw milk for at least three hours to remove all impurities. Substitute with soapy water for your red coral, and put your ruby in lemon juice. Remember to keep your gem completely immersed for at least three hours, whatever the case. This method will effectively draw out all the impurities present in your gem and dissolve them altogether. Whatever the combination of methods you choose to apply, it is good practice to include both methods 5 & 6. Combined with any of the first four methods, the last two will ensure you're your gems are completely "clean".

Green Cats eye
In the 7 colors transmitted by white light, we can find the color green in the center of the scale of all the colors. It is a neutral color ­ the meeting ground between the heating colors of red, orange and yellow, and the electrical contracting colors of blue, indigo and violet. Green represents stability, endurance and balance. It is the color of nature and it helps cool the blood and animate the nerves. In other words, it is believed to possess the power to heal. It also stands for growth, good health and serenity. Green belongs to the planet Saturn, whose metal is lead. Those who feel a natural bond with this gentle color are the peacemakers and harmonizers of the world. They are stable and possess an astounding quieting influence on others. It seems as if they can achieve peace of mind easily. 
Yellow Cats eye
Yellow ­ the color of intelligence, wit, prowess and happiness. Yellow belongs to the planet Mercury and this particular planet instills a quick intellect by stimulating the nervous system. The nerves should be in an active condition throughout the body so that we can be quick-witted. Therefore, nothing can remain stagnant under the influence of this planet. Mercury is said to transmit wisdom to this particular color. Throughout the ages, yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect. Light is often associated with yellow, and so is enlightenment. The Buddha is always depicted in yellow robes, and Buddhist monks always wear yellow. Place your Yellow Cats eye near your sleeping place so that it’s healing energies can be channeled to you. You can also display it on your working desk or some place where you can easily see it. This beautiful stone is also wonderful to gaze at. A streak of lighter yellow runs through the stone, making the patterns change under the light.
Ting Bowls
Ting bowls are said to be made out of five to seven metals as Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Metal and Tin representing The Sun, the Moon and the five planets as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn They have been used in ritual context and nowadays, they are used for inducing relaxation, aid to meditation, centering, healing, music etc

Long Life Cure

Three Immortals - Fuk,Luk & Sau are the gods of Wealth, Health and Longevity. They represent the three most important aspects of good fortune. Place in your dining or living room to attract the good fortune into your home.
Jade Cicada - This is believed to be a most powerful symbol of immortality. The cicada also represents the ability to make a great comeback. When your luck has been very bad and you desperately need it to turn around, the best symbol to display in your home is the cicada. In the old days cicadas made of jade were often buried with the dead in the belief that this would afford them great wealth in the afterlife. The cicada is also a emblem of happiness and eternal youth. 
Snake - The Snake personality is believed to hold mysterious power and influence. Appreciative of the finer aesthetics in life, the Snake possesses a keen air of calmness in situations of conflict. The Snake's ability to renew itself typifies the strength for rebirth and recovery. A resilient and strong willpower enables the Snake to achieve objectives never faltering away from its true focus. The Chinese consider it lucky to have a symbol of the Snake for those born under the respective year. Many say that it enhances the personality and strong characteristics of the Snake to have a symbolic Snake around.
Deer Figurine - To the Chinese, the deer is a very popular symbol associated with speed, endurance and a long life. The word for ‘deer’ in Chinese is lu, which sounds similar to another word that means good income and prosperity. It is thus extremely auspicious to have the image of the deer in your office and home. Display a figurine or painting of the deer in your workplace to symbolize the wish for the company to prosper and grow or place it in your home so that your family will enjoy a long life of ease and growing prosperity.
Tortoise - The humble tortoise is the only one of the four celestial creatures that actually exists today. It is not merely a symbol of longevity, although rearing a live tortoise in the home is said to ensure that the family Patriarch lives to a ripe old age! The tortoise is also a symbol of protection and support as well as wealth and prosperity. In Feng Shui the tortoise signifies the protective hills of the north. Display a figurine of the tortoise in the north sector of your home to attract lots of good health and prosperity luck, and place on in the north corner of your office for support in your career.

Love Cure

Puzzle Ball - This unique chi ball is an ancient form of carving from China. Sometimes called ‘puzzle balls’ or ‘mystery balls’ , they have an intertwined dragon and phoenix carved outside and four layers inside - each layer inside is completely detached and moveable. The four layers signify the four directions or elements of earth. The dragon and phoenix represent our male/female energies showing our ability to master earthly events and situations. 
Display the Double Yin Yang Fish in the Living Room for a Happy Union and Harmony in your Home or Yin Yang Fish The Yin Yang Fish is an excellent energizer for marriage luck. These auspicious carp symbolize abundant good fortune and marital bliss. A pair of carp also ensures joyous unions. Display this auspicious carp anywhere in your home to enjoy abundant good fortune. For a happy marriage, display the Yin Yang Fish in the southwest of your home. 
Sacred Elephant - For thousands of years, the elephant has been a symbol of power, wisdom, virility, fidelity, and longevity. This belief is held not by a single culture, but by at least three the Chinese, Africans, and Indians. The Sacred Elephant is used mostly to promote love and fidelity among couples, but some also use it to bring forth their innate qualities for good governance, namely dignity, intelligence, and prudence. Place it prominently either in your bedroom, study, or office. 
Red is a very powerful color. It is the color of passion, love and energy. Red has the lowest vibration among other colors, and therefore is the most physically vitalizing. In astrology, the color of Mars is red and it has dynamic power over iron. Iron gives us our red blood and without it, we would have some sort of pale liquid flowing in our veins. Mars is also the God of War. Translated, it means a martial spirit, quick strength, force, power and leadership. Have you been feeling rather tired and off colored lately? Sluggish and haggard? Lacking the energy to do anything? Do you need something to stimulate warmth and excitement in you? Place your Red Cats eye near your sleeping place so that the healing energies can be transmitted to you. You can also display it on your working desk or some place where you can easily look at it. This beautiful stone is also wonderful to gaze at. A streak of lighter red runs around the stone, making the patterns change under the light. 
Rooster of Fidelity - Have a sneaking suspicion that your other half has someone else in his/her life? Those late nights at work are not really spent laboring in front of the computer? Try keeping a Rooster of Fidelity at your main door! Many Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing an image of the Rooster when extra-marital affairs become a threat to the household. The correct placement of the rooster is to place it at the main door looking out. This is to enable the rooster to peck away all possible ‘peach flowers’, a Chinese term for romance and love. Hence you can be sure of heavenly luck protecting your home against such intruders. This Rooster of Fidelity is made of fine resin and washed in a lovely bronze color. The details on its body ­ from its sleek feathers to the sharp claws are particularly comprehensive. The surface of the rooster is rough and you can be sure of its fierce looking eyes prohibiting any undesirable romance luck from entering your household. 
Loving Couple Images - Images of loving couples are used in Feng Shui to enhance present relationships or draw future relationship closer.
Image of Two Birds - Place a pair of birds in your bedroom. In China, birds are seen as harbingers of good luck, so including a pair in your bedroom can enhance a relationship. 
Satsuma Egg or Jade Egg - Place an egg on your nightstand. This cure is good for couples who want a child because it combines loving vibrations contained in the ovoid shape that symbolizes fertility and new life.
Two Rose Quartz Pieces - on Your Dresser Rose quartz objects contain subtle vibrations that affect the emotions to strengthen feelings of affection. This cure also uses the number two to encourage affection between you and your partner.
Use Thai Chopsticks - This cure combines the number two with the wood element to encourage love to grow between you and a partner. It also enhances your ability to nurture each other.

Protection Cure

Horse (for Goat/Ram, Ox or Dog people) - For people born in the year of the Goat, Ox or Dog, 2003 will be a clash year and they should have a Horse close to them. Hand carved Jade Kwan Yin protection pendant. This beautiful hand carved Jade pendant can be used as a key ring, hang from a bag, in your car or anywhere you like. Kwan Yin gives all round protection for this year and along with the protection powers of Jade is a must for everyone. 
Chinese Stone Lions - Lion is a special animal to Chinese people. A pair of stone lions, a male and a female, can often be seen in front of the gates of traditional buildings. The male lion is on the left with his right paw resting on a ball, and the female on the right with her left paw fondling a cub. The lion was regarded as the king in the animal world so its imagines represented power and prestige. The ball played by the male lion symbolized the unity of the empire, and the cub with the female thriving offspring. The stone lions were also used to indicate the ranks of officials by the number of lumps representing the curly hair on the head of the lion. The houses of first grade officials had lions with 13 lumps and the number of lumps decreased by one as the rank of the official went down each grade. Officials below the seventh grade were not allowed to have stone lions in front of their houses. It is interesting to note that China had no lions originally. It is believed that when Emperor Zhang of the Eastern Han reigned in AD 87, the King of Parthia presented a lion to him. Another lion was given by a Central Asian country known as Yuezhi in the next  year. The earliest stone lions were sculpted at the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220 AD) with the introduction of Buddhism into ancient China. It is said, Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, was seen after birth "to point to Heaven with one hand and to Earth with another, roaring like an lion." In the Buddhist faith, the lion is considered a divine animal of nobleness and dignity, which can protect the Truth and keep off evils. It was also popular to decorate bridges with sculpted-stone lions for the same reason. The best known of this is the Lugouqiao (also as Marco Polo Bridge), built from 1189 to 1192. The stone lions on the posts of the bridge are most famous. It is said there are 485 lions in all, but there may be 498 or 501. A famous proverb says "the lions on the Lugouqiao are uncountable." 
Bagua Mirrors - It's eight sided shape represents the eight directions of life called "life stations". Placed near the front door facing out a window, it protects the house from evil. Also placed in strategic Feng Shui area to attract a quality like abundance, knowledge, food etc...
Rooster of Fidelity - Have a sneaking suspicion that your other half has someone else in his/her life? Those late nights at work are not really spent laboring in front of the computer? Try keeping a Rooster of Fidelity at your main door! Many Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing an image of the Rooster when extra-marital affairs become a threat to the household. The correct placement of the rooster is to place it at the main door looking out. This is to enable the rooster to peck away all possible ‘peach flowers’, a Chinese term for romance and love. Hence you can be sure of heavenly luck protecting your home against such intruders.
Tiger - Tiger is considered the king of the wild animals. It is seen as the natural symbol for royalty, power and fearlessness. An image of the Tiger is believed to terrify and drive away evil demons. In Feng Shui the Tiger is very important as its stripes denote an auspicious mixture of Yin and Yang.
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Place an image of your Chinese zodiac animal in a prominent place in your home. There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. Your special animal serves as a protector and guide, bringing you good luck and happiness.

Success Cure

Chinese Calligraphy Set - Anyone who is studying for exams or going for an interview, it would be a good idea for them to display a Chinese Calligraphy Set behind them to encourage them to succeed in what they are studying for.
Globes - A globe should be displayed in your study or the children's room. It is believed to promote educational and academic pursuits. Globes are said to represent achievement of all your ambitions through academic pursuits. Professors, teachers, writers, and those involved in scholarly studies are highly advised to display it on their tables. The effects are doubles if the table is also part of their library or study. Feng Shui principles also denote that those looking to further their studies should place the globe in the Northeast sector of your home or study if possible. This allows the Ch'i in the area to be energized. Promoting the educational and knowledge properties of the Northeast sector. Twirl the globe towards you three times a day before 12am to enhance the luck of each day.
Dragon Headed Tortoise - The Lo Shu turtle is said to bring 8 different types of heavenly blessings, and among them wealth, abundance, protection, and authority. They are seen looking up towards the Heavens, a sign of striving for perfection and accomplishment. The symbolic meanings of the animals are dragon (luck), tortoise (long life) and bowls (prosperity).
Gold Chinese Dragon - The ultimate symbol of prosperity is a gold dragon. Place it in an auspicious place in your home or office, then sit back and watch the good flow in. 
Pigs - Very much like Babe, you'll fall in love with these cute creatures. Highly recommended for that special person when you want to remind them just how cute YOU are. Your Pigs are made using the finest materials available to give you a piece of de resistance that will last a lifetime. They will look charming in the corner or on your desk. Place them in the display cabinet and watch guest admire the cutest items that they have probably ever seen. Culturally pigs are said to symbolize prosperity, being always fed and fat. The Chinese zodiac refers to them as being a sign of virility, Pigs are also believed to be an excellent gift for someone who may be taking an examination. As it forebodes that the person will pass with flying colors.
Blue Cats eye - Your self confidence is also enhanced by using this stone close to your work space. Place it on your headboard while sleeping to allow the healing energies to channel through you. In human terms the qualities of patience and timing relate to our ability to create what we want for our lives. The color blue represents the ability to manifest; while the lighter blue corresponds to the energies of the earth. Thus, Cat's eye can help us to translate our ideas into physical reality. Specifically, this stone helps us to have more confidence in our ability to realize our dreams by assisting us in recognizing the inner resources we can use for accomplishment. This is especially helpful if you're feeling drained or unfocused. You can also hold it for the purpose of focus and grounding. This is also a wonderful stone to gaze at. Hold and move it, watching the shifting patterns of light.
Three Chinese Coins - Tie three Chinese coins together with a red ribbon and hang them from a tree in your front yard. This cure combines several lucky symbols-coins, the number three, red, and wood to attract and increase prosperity.
8 Pieces - Display 8 pieces of jade or 8 Chinese coins in your work area. Eight is the number of business and financial stability, so it can help you hold onto money or find ways to build slowly and steadily toward your financial goal.
Buddha - Set up an alter to attract happiness and good fortune. Position your alter in a place of honor and set items on it that suggest happiness to you. You might choose to feature a figure of the Buddha, Quan Yin, or another deity whose blessings you wish to attract.

Wealth Cure

Chinese Coins - Coins are a great symbol of wealth, for they represent money. Placing three or eight coins tied together with a red thread in your purse, taped onto your invoice book or on your cash register is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life. 
Jadeite elephants - will bring luck and good fortune to any home or office. 
THREE LEGGED TOAD WITH A COIN IN ITS MOUTH -  Named Chachu will attract plenty of wealth into your home using three-legged Toads with a coin in its mouth! This auspicious creature attracts good fortune into your home. Place the toad in any of the corners diagonally opposite your front door for best effect. The best to have in a room is NINE but you can also keep them in Threes or Sixes. At the very least, you should have one toad facing out to collect the money and one facing in to bring the money back into the house. Keep your toads below the table, behind the couch or in other discreet public areas of your home.
SAILING SHIPS FOR WEALTH - Enhance prosperity luck with a wealth ship sailing into your home or office. Returning home triumphant from its various conquests, the prosperity ship docks into your 'harbor' bearing wonderful treasures and other valuables as trophies symbolizing its many victories. Display the wealth ship sailing into your house from your sheng chi direction. Fill your ship with coins, ingots, crystals and other treasures to symbolize a wealth ship laden with money. Place metal ships in the northwest or west, wooden ships in the east or southeast, crystal ships in the northeast or southwest.
Incense Burner of Wealth - The Incense Burner of Wealth is perfect for attracting Wealth chi.
Lion - Place a figure of a lion in your kitchen. The lion is the king of beasts and a symbol of royalty. Set a sculpture of a lion on your countertop, where it will provide a positive image for you and help you attract wealth and power.
Small Piece of Jade - Jade is considered a stone of good fortune in China­and its green color symbolizes paper money in some countries. Place it on a kitchen window sill to attract wealth.




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