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Feng Shui Wealth Cure Kit # 2 Designed by Yvonne Phillips

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For less than $100 your get these high quality Feng Shui items made in China, brimming with Chi from the Chinese materials used to make them as well as the Chinese craftsmen that hand fashioned each and every one. This Kit # 1 contains a Bronze 3 Leg Frog sitting on a Bagua, the most highly sought after symbol of wealth and good fortune today. Also included is a a 8 inch long coin sword to give you control over your finances, and of course the large solid bronze coin to represent a large amount of money, and a Bronze Ingot and wood display stand with a polished gold looking finish.


Kit Contents Includes: 1 Bronze 3 inch Frog on Money, 1 Coin Sword 8 inches Long, 1 Bronze Coin 5 Inches in diameter, and 1 Gold (bronze)Ingot with wood Stand.


Shipping weight 6 lbs.



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