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Cloisonne Black Vase and Flowers with matching Wood Stand

SKU: CloisonneBlackVaseFlowersWoodStand
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Cloisonne Vase, Black with multi-colored flowers and Gold trim with matching wood stand. Large size measures about 6 inches Tall X 5 inches Wide and weighs about 3/4 lb. $79.95. Smaller size measures about 5 inches Tall X 4 inches Wiode and weighs about 1/2 lb. $59.95.


During the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), painted porcelain began to be classified by its color palette: famille verte (green and iron red dominate); famille jaune (yellow ground); famille noire (black ground); and famille rose (mostly pink and purple).  Around the same time, cloisonné enamel was used to decorate porcelain vases with chrysanthemum, lotus, peony, and rose flowers.



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