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Ben Wa Balls with Wood Case

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Leather covered wood box with Dragon and Phoenix on the lid housing a pair of fine Ben Wa Balls inside. High quality workmanship measuring about

2" Tall 5" Wide 3" Deep


It is believed that the first iron balls or Baoding balls originated in Baoding, a town in Hebei, a province of China, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  They were once called "iron balls," since they were originally made of iron.  Meditation balls continue to be produced locally in Baoding.

Baoding balls (Chinese: 保定健身球; pinyin: Bǎodìng Jiànshēn Qiú, literally Baoding physical exercise balls) are also known as Chinese exercise balls, Chinese meditation balls, Chinese medicine balls, and healthy balls.  A person may rotate two or more Baoding balls by hand repeatedly to improve the manual dexterity and strength of the fingers.  They are also said to assist in injury recovery.

The heavy solid ball has been replaced with a hollow, chrome-plated steel version... usually with a sounding plate inside that makes chimes when turned.  Several of these modern companies also manufacture aerospace products.  However, many sold today are Cloisonné models with Chinese symbols designed on the surface and more recently Western logos have appeared.  The hollow chrome balls are by far the most popular and are manufactured by several large factories in China.

What’s the Theory?
The balls work on the meridians much like acupuncture or shiatsu massage.   According to Chinese traditional medical theory, these meridians (Jingluo) are channels or pathways through which vital energy (Qi) circulates within the body.  Acupuncture points are also distributed along these Jingluo meridians.   By means of the Jingluo, the ten fingers are connected with the cranial nerve and vital organs of the human body including heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, stomach and intestines.  By stimulating these points with the Baoding balls, each meridian is stimulated which in turn can create better circulation of vital energy and blood within the body.

Here is a quote from a Chinese advertisement for the baoding exercise balls: ("It can cause the jingluo unblocked and thorough, the vital energy and blood to function in harmony,  the muscles nimble, the bones strong, the mind sober, can invigorate the circulation of blood, and can prevent and cure hypertension and various chronic diseases.  If you keep on taking exercise every day for months and years, you can get the fine results of keeping your brain in good health with high intelligence and good memory, relieving your fatigue, drowning your worries, and moreover, prolonging your life."




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